A new meme trend has taken over Instagram, and this time it’s getting personal—literally, they’re personalizing memes with your name.

Remember being on vacation when you were little, ravaging through the key chain section at the souvenir shop to look for your name? Well this is kind of the same thing, but way more fun and relatable.

The newest trend, ‘What __ are you’, is the latest to take over Instagram stories. Since the trend started, there is now a plethora of accounts dedicated to TV shows, celebrities, animals, and so on that post hundreds of photos of that thing that cover a wide range of what we like to call ‘moods.’

For example, there are several accounts dedicated to cats, or ‘What Cat Are You?’ memes. These accounts then post hundreds of photos of different cats—usually pulling funny faces or sleeping—each with a different name on it. Jane sees her name on a picture of a funny cat, she posts it to her Instagram story, and thus a trend is born.

If you don’t see your name on the account of your choice, don’t freak out. Simply slide into that account’s DM’s and they’ll be happy to customize one for you—at random, of course—that’s the best part. Some posts are completely relatable, most not really—but what almost all of them are is completely amusing. Just what the doctor ordered for a never-ending pandemic, right?

Though the concept is quite simple, it’s entirely addictive; you’ll find yourself 200 posts deep on the ‘What Llama Am I?’’s page before you know it. The best part is the hunt for your name, after all.

If we’ve peaked your interest, here’s a list of some of the best accounts we just couldn’t resist sharing:

1. @whichdannyareyou

2. @what_dog_are_you

3. @what.memeareyou


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4. @whichqueenareyou

5. @what_frog_are_u

6. @which.michaelscott.are.you

7. @whichguyareyou

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8. @whatdisneyworldthingareyou

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Tiffany you are the flavored popcorn at Epcot

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9. @what_image_are_you

10. @what_goat_you_are

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