Back-To-School shopping is hitting a little different this year. Some may even find it triggering.

With many countries, states, and local governments still hesitant about whether schools will safely be able to reopen next month, there is a lot of uncertainty about how families should prepare for either scenario. Do you buy that new lunchbox, or invest in a new pair of sweatpants? Better yet, what the heck do we do about school supplies?

School supply shopping is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite back-to-school activity, and if you disagree, well you’re just wrong. There’s something about picking out crisp new folders, a fresh pack of pens, or maybe even a brand new backpack that really gets us hyped up for the school year whether you’re an actual fan of school or not.

However, this year feels eerily different when it comes to this annual shopping trip. We’re usually used to seeing ads for school supplies not long after school ends, but this year stores like Target and Office Depot are kind of shrugging their shoulders when it comes to their plan of action.

The topic itself is no doubt controversial, with half the world worried about the safety teachers and students and the other half pushing to get back in the classroom. So, what do you get when you combine division, uncertainty, and social media?

Internet trolls. And they’re not holding back.

Mostly fueled by Trump and his pressuring of American schools to open, many people can’t help but wonder: if they do open, what new school supplies would we need to protect ourselves? So, in an effort to make light of the situation, a new hashtag was born for users to share their satirical (yet sort of serious) thoughts on what we all need this coming Fall:


The usual sanitizer and face masks are a given, but thanks to #SchoolSuppliesFor2020, we have some hilarious new ideas to add to our shopping list this year.

Let’s take a look at the best ones:

1. New Shoes

Following in clown’s footsteps. Literally.

2. Noodle Hats

Does this count as a ‘thinking cap’?


3. Distance Sweatshirt

Every school’s new uniform.

4. Hazmat Suits

At least they come in a variety of colors.

5. Emotional Support Skunk

Because getting sick would really stink.

6. Plenty of Wine

Specifically if homeschooling continues.

7. Best of luck

Because in 2020, it’s every man for themselves.