It wasn’t exactly a giant beanstalk, but it’s something alright.

Last week, an article was published—written by yours truly—addressing some mysterious seeds that were arriving in mailboxes all across North America, suspected to be from China. If you missed it, well this is awkward…but I suppose I can catch you up anyways.

Residents across North America have opened their mail boxes over the last several months to find a mysterious package waiting for them from China, containing a packet of seeds no one can quite figure out. The message from both the Canadian and American Department of Agriculture was clear: do not throw them away, do not plant them, but call the government immediately to report what you’ve found so they can be investigated.

Out of excruciating curiosity, there was always at least one person bound to break the rules. And a man in Arkansas is that someone.

Doyle Crenshaw threw caution to the wind a few months ago when he received his mysterious seeds in the mail, but instead decided to plant them—and boy did they flourish. In an interview with his local news station, he said “every two weeks I’d come by and put Miracle-Gro on it, and they just started growing like crazy.

Before he knew it, his mystery plant had grown rapidly into something he still couldn’t quite put his finger on. The plant is producing large white fruits with orange flowers, comparable to a squash. The plant also seems to have tall, large green leaves that reach Crenshaw’s waist.

youtube thumbnail

Assuming he’s over 5 feet, we’re thinking that’s pretty tall.

Unfortunately, Crenshaw’s experiment is being cut short by the Department of Agriculture as they’ve announced they will be removing the plant for further examination. Scott Bray from the Arkansas Department of Agriculture explained, “our concern is from an invasive-pest aspect; these seeds could introduce an invasive weed or an invasive insect pest or a plant disease.

I think we can all agree that the last thing this world needs is another invasive anything that could infect everything, right?