We hear the NRA is ecstatic.

If you asked someone from another country what’s wrong with America right now, they’d probably reference the uncontrollable Coronavirus cases surging across the country. Before the pandemic, though, America was mostly synonymous with one thing: guns. Well, one YouTuber has taken it upon himself to, as he so lovingly puts it, solve an ‘American problem’ and with an ‘American answer.’

YouTuber Allen Pan, known for his channel Sufficiently Advanced, has ‘combined the Second Amendment with Healthcare’ in his newest video titled ‘Shooting Masks onto People’s Faces’. If you can’t tell what it’s about from the obvious title, allow me to explain.

You know those guns that launch t-shirts or towels into the crowd at sporting events? Well, that’s sort of what Pan invented—but for face masks instead. He explains it as ‘sort of a combination, bola net gun’ powered by a ‘pneumatic system powered by a compact carbon dioxide canister hooked up to a solenoid.

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Basically, the intent is to aim it at someone’s face from a reasonable distance, point, shoot, and aim—launching the mask to hopefully stick to someone’s face thanks to weighted magnets at the end of each the string that wrap around the back of the target’s head.

“I don’t know what I thought this was gonna look like when I started making it, but I wouldn’t have guessed alien, sci-fi, alt-history steampunk, but here we are!” Pan explains in his video.

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Such an impressive invention deserves to see the light of day—and get some human trials. To do this, Pan traveled to one of the most conservative cities in Southern California: Huntington Beach, who according to him has become a symbol for anti-mask sentiment. The experiment turns out to be a welcomed fail however, as Pan found that nearly 25% of people he saw were wearing a mask. Trials were put on hold, and he decided to have fun giving beachgoers a chance to use his gun instead.

Saying that still feels wrong.

Reactions to his video on social media were amusing, with viewers making suggestions for future guns he could try out. His response? To make more guns that fight even bigger problems in America.

Let’s hope they take off—and that they’re just as successful as his first one.