This sci-fi flick is starting to become a little too real. How do I get out of this movie?

When Elon Musk gave the news that he was introducing a brain chip, some people thought it was a crazy idea while others were super excited to hear the news. A chip in the brain is probably something you may have seen only in movies but Musk wants to make it a reality and the big news is, the brain chip will be here sooner than it was expected.

Elon Musk, who is better known for Tesla and Space X and in some ways as a walking internet meme, has a startup known as Neuralink that will be in charge of the entire process. At first glance he may seem like the guy next door, but he is one of the people who have the greatest out-of-this-world ideas (literally) like single-handedly taking guys to Mars. He gave us electric cars, space transportation and just when you thought he was done, we now have this grand brain chip idea. 

Neuralink will give a live presentation this week to demonstrate how functional the interface Musk came up with is. The interface is said to have some cool benefits like the astounding ability to stream music directly to your brain. Just imagine walking around with music playing in your head, and it’s connected just like a Bluetooth device! It gets even better. Other applications of the interface that have been mentioned include extending hearing ranges beyond the frequency that is considered normal, hormone regulation and enhanced abilities such as relief from anxiety and improved reasoning.

How will the interface work, you may ask? As far as the actual science, we’re just out of our element as you are. But as for the mechanics, it will involve inserting a chip into the brain and connecting it to a device that will be directly connected to a computer. The process of getting the chip inserted will be similar to that of laser eye surgery in terms of efficiency and speed where a robot that has neurosurgical abilities will fit the thread like structures into the brain.

The webcast on Friday will unveil the working brain chip and the robot that will be doing the insertion process. In Elon’s words, the demonstration on Friday will show “neurons firing in real time”. Many tests have been done to determine how efficient and safe the device is. The tests were done on animals with human tests initially scheduled for 2020, though it’s not clear whether they begun.

Elon Musk has been expressive about his ambition of expanding human abilities and human intelligence which he believes will allow human beings to be in a position to give AI some competition. Some have termed this as reaching too far or elon-gating (pun definitely intended) but hey, we’ll just have to wait and see.

The brain chip idea may sound like a fantasy meant to stay on the silver screen, but Musk is working towards ground breaking tech advancements that may see this become reality. The live demo on Friday will have his fans see just how much progress he has made and whether Elon really made it work.