Where have you found your packages hiding in plain sight?

The excitement of waiting for a package can rarely be topped by anything else. Except, of course, for the humorous joy that is brought to us by how Amazon’s delivery people hide packages in a *definitely-not-obvious* way. When Danielle McPherson shared on Twitter how the couriers hid her package on Wednesday, a bunch of people joined the thread to share their own experiences too.

It didn’t take long for Danielle’s tweet to go viral, with over 421K likes and thousands of comments. On her post, she shared a picture of her package hidden under a handful of little rocks—which needless to say, hardly covered the box.

This thread soon became a hilarious list about the weirdest and most absurd ways Amazon has hidden packages. Are you ready to see the best?

Take a look at the package from this guy, who the couriers hid cleverly right next to… a trash bin.

Or this person who came home to find their 6-foot tall package hidden under their doormat, which they say was carefully placed on top of the huge package. Bonus points for their thoughtfulness!

This person shows us that it’s not exclusive to America. Amazon Australia seemed to do a pretty good job hiding two packages under a doormat. We’re sure no one suspected a thing.

Or what about this package? It seems like the courier was just not having it that day. You want your package? Take it. It’s right there. I don’t care.

Do we blame the courier? Or do we blame the person for having a doormat with holes in it? Hmmm…

Alright, this delivery person deserves some credits. You might think putting a brand new flatscreen right next to a trash bin is obvious… but doesn’t it kind of look like the person just threw the empty box in the trash? No? Only we think that? … okay.

Package? What package? No sir, I don’t know what you’re talking about

It might be frustrating to come home to find your package the opposite of hidden. But let’s be honest, sometimes their methods are so absurd we can’t help but laugh out loud. Let’s appreciate those delivery people who, intentionally or not, give us something to smile about.