This might just be what we needed for all those unwanted reunions…

If there is a year that has had its own share of drama it has to be 2020, and the corona virus was just the thick, crusty, dried out icing on top. Social events from concerts to shows, and even weddings, had to come to a halt. Social distancing and isolation had left everyone staying at home and away from each other. If for any reason a bride or groom was having cold feet about getting married, the pandemic created a great excuse to push the wedding to a later date. This couple from Bramley, Guildford was however not having any of it. They wanted to get married and they wanted to do it ASAP.

Things are slowly going back to what we knew to be ‘normal life’ before the virus happened but there are still some restrictions that have been put in place to keep everyone safe. Romanee and Sam Rondeau Smith had decided they wanted to take the big step and get hitched in July 2020 but the wedding was later moved to August.

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They had 100 people on their guest list for the big day but because corona virus decided to happen, they could not have all their guests attend because of social distancing rules. This was a real bummer for them but they found a unique way to make sure their friends and family were part of their occasion without getting on the wrong side of the law.

Obviously, nobody wants to spend their honeymoon in a jail cell right after getting married. We can all agree that it’s probably not the best way to start a life long journey with your significant other. Rather than have their guests come to the wedding in person, the couple made cardboard cut outs of them and this cost them over £2000. Only 14 ‘real’ people were there to watch them tie the knot in Ticehurst found in East Sussex.

Hawaiian Shirt Photography/CATERS NEWS

You may be wondering where the grand idea to have the cut outs came from because let’s admit it, it’s a genius concept. Romanee was explaining how one of her bridesmaids was stuck out in Nashville which meant she couldn’t make it to the wedding. They were joking about having her come as a cardboard cutout and boo-yah! They decided to actually make it happen.

All the guests were asked to send a picture which were turned into cutouts. The wedding planner must have had the time of her life making this hilarious concept come to life. Romanee said that she loved it. She jokingly said that making the cardboard cutouts cost them probably as much as it would have buying booze for all those people. The wedding was perfect for her and when things get better, the couple said they would definitely throw a massive party to celebrate getting married.