As the saying goes, never judge a photo before seeing what goes into it behind the scenes…or something like that.

Scrolling through our feeds all day, we all come across tons of photos that are extraordinary to look at. Not much thought usually goes into it other than ‘wow, I wish I looked like that’ or ‘gosh, that’s some heavy photoshopping.’ We spend so much time admiring the photo that we don’t stop to think, ‘I wonder how that shot was made.’

As usual, a new Twitter trend falls from the sky to save the day. Thanks to the most recent one, we’re getting to see the behind the scenes of what goes into those artistic photos we see everyday, and spoiler alert: it’s not that glamorous. Actually, it’s pleasantly creative.

Here’s how it goes. In this new trend, photographers and influencers alike are revealing the steps involved in getting their perfect shot. On one side under ‘The Setup’, its an on-set photo of the materials seen in the final product such as the backdrop, perhaps the model, and any other props they include. On the other side under ‘The Shot’, we are given the final product: a gorgeous, out-of-the-box image that, when shown next to ‘the setup’, seems like it will look nothing like it’s final product.

And that’s the best part!

Seeing what goes into these artistic images is not only fun, it’s inspiring to see that we’re all capable if we put our minds to it. Here’s a list of some of the best photos we’ve seen in this challenge:

1. When the ocean is too big, you compromise.

2. Sometimes you need to lend multiple hands.

3. Who knew how cool laying on some CDs looked?

4. All you need to feel like a model is a pool and some good lighting.

5. Everyday electronics can be innovative

6. There’s nothing fishy about this work of art.

7. When you can't pick a favorite

8. It doesn’t take much to be transported into another dimension.

9. Gotta get the right angle, no matter what it takes.

10. A shaky hand has never been so creative.