I’ll take mine in Foliage Green, please.

General Motors is thinking of getting into the taxi market but not just the regular old taxi as you know it. They want to create ‘aerial taxis’. Yes, you read that right.

The company has been pushing the idea to get into the aerial taxi market and they are thinking of naming these one of a kind vehicles as ‘flying cars’. This is part of their plan to grow and expand their business in the transportation field.

The big elephant in the room is, of course, how exactly these flying cars will work. While we might hope for something out of The Jetsons, they realistically won’t exactly function in the same way.

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The flying cars will be vertical takeoff and landing aircrafts (VTOL) that will use electric motors rather than using jet engines. They will also have rotating wings and rotors rather than propellers. The company also wants to make advanced electric batteries that will help them make the flying cars run.

Something unique about the flying cars is that they’ll fly close to the ground, but of course high enough (we don’t want them crashing into buildings) so that they can easily drop people off. GM’s ambition to develop a flying car is mainly driven by their desire to ease the absurd traffic congestion cities are currently plagued with. This is all great, until they become too popular and we start having air congestion too.

The spokesman for General Motors commented saying that they are really excited to be looking at this project. The big news was a boost for the company’s value as their shares rose by as much as 5.4%. You can tell they weren’t the only ones excited by the idea.

The company is also thinking of bringing in other big players in the industry to work with them to turn the idea into a reality. They’re still weighing options but we might see them possibly partner with automakers like Toyota, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Dailmer AG and even Geeky Automobile. The grand unveiling of who they decide to work with will be announced early next year.

While this talk of flying cars may come as a shocker for most of us, it wasn’t anything of the sort for Evangelous Simoudis, the MD at Synapse Partners. He said that with ideas of drones for package deliveries being what companies like Walmart and Amazon are thinking of making happen, it’s not much of a surprise that having flying cars was around the corner. This is despite the fact that he thinks generating profits from the flying electric cars may take longer than normal and will be harder than expected.

All in all, General Motors are thinking big! They want to find innovative ways to explore new markets and the flying cars is as innovative as anything can be. If they go ahead and make the flying cars, then taking a taxi to work will definitely sound a lot cooler than it does now; and probably much more fun too.