And we thought regular school was a chore…

You’d think that after 6 months, kids would have gotten used to online school. Sure, they’re the generation that was born in the middle of the greatest technological advances, but the truth is all students, even kids, are sick of virtual classes. It was fun at first. New, exciting, a way to break with the routine we’ve been stuck in since kindergarten. But that excitement has come to an end and it’s been replaced with exhaustion.

Adapting to virtual school can be tougher than it seems. While we can’t help to feel sorry for these kids, we’ve also laughed a little too hard thanks to the pictures and tweets some parents have posted of their kids (and themselves!) struggling with Zoom classes. They don’t have to say anything, their faces say it all. We’ve put together a compilation of the most hilarious pictures that yell “one more Zoom class and I’ll lose it”.

1. This is the poor kid that started the trend. Just look at him. We’ve all been this little guy at some point this year.

2. While the girl who shared this one says she found it on the internet, this is TOO relatable for everyone. We hope that kid is doing alright.

3. … at least they’re being honest?

4. “The teacher texted me and told me to wake her up”. Bonus points for the papers in her hand. Is this adorable or what?

The teacher texted me and told me to wake her up from funny

5. Oh boy, we bet his mom never saw this coming. Connection problems? Sure. Not finding the Zoom link? Understandable. Getting stuck in a chair? No way.

2nd day of virtual school from Wellthatsucks

6. It’s a struggle for the parents too…

7. What a great time to be a parent! Kids and a global pandemic aren’t necessarily good together…

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8. Second grade can be tough, man…

43 minutes into 1st day of 2nd grade via zoom

9. Kids only have two moods when it comes to online school. There’s no in-between.

10. No explanation needed. We’re all in this together through these trying times.