What’s meant to be will always find it’s way home.

Losing things seems to be one of the most relatable human constants no matter where you go in the world. Sometimes we don’t even notice we have lost something until we need to use it. Nobody would expect to find something they lost decades ago but the world keeps surprising us.

The year was 1971. A group of young men, one year removed from high school, were out enjoying the summer sun on Swinging Bridge Lake. While waterskiing, one of the young lads, James Newman, happened to let his Washingtonville High School Class of 1970 ring slip into the lake, lost to it’s depths forever, or so they thought.

In the 80’s, the lake was drained by Orange and Rockland Utilities. It was at that time that Bill Croissant and his son, who are the owners of Swinging Bridge Marina, came across the ring. It wasn’t until the lake was drained again between 2005-07 that gave Bill flashbacks of this ring that he had found. He had kept the ring but he just couldn’t trace who the owner of it was.

He gave the ring to the Sullivan County Sheriff hoping they could do a better job at finding the owner. Mike Schiff, the County Sheriff said they would do what they could to find this mystery person. With the help of his officers, he got a printout of the class of 1970 from Washingtonville Highschool and tried to finally get to the bottom of who the owner was but their efforts were to little avail.

Seeing that they couldn’t find who owned the ring, they kept it in an evidence locker and years passed without anyone claiming it. This changed this year, though, as the officers started going through the old stuff in their lockers trying to close the cold cases that had never been sorted.

They even got a whole detective to help them find the owner of the ring. Talk about commitment! The County Sheriff reached out to the services of Detective Jason Gorr who is part of the FBI Safe Streets Task Force. Through the use of some upgraded databases, the detective was able to close in on potential owners of the ring before he finally pinned down a single person. Turns out this person was a current resident of Atlanta called, you guessed it, James Newman.

Let’s take a moment to think of these turn of events from Newman’s view. Your living in Atlanta, nothing out of the blue going on when the County Sheriff from your home county calls to tell you he found a ring you lost 49 years ago. Anyone would be shocked. Let’s be honest, some of us would not even remember we had lost a ring at some point.

Mr Newman was excited to get his ring back and said he’d definitely be rocking that bling to his 50th highschool reunion. The Sheriff was also happy to have finally found the owner of the ring after one long search. East or west home is best and after wandering for years this ring found its way home.