Because 2020.

Are you looking to up your Halloween game? Want to make all your neighborhood absolutely jealous by turning your house into a truly spooky place? This year, the must-have Halloween decoration; the one thing that is on everybody’s wishlist; the best investment you’ll make all year… is Home Depot’s 12ft Halloween skeleton.

It’s HUGE. Like, at least twice the size of a human being. It’s $299 USD, and apparently, pretty tricky to assemble. But boy, has this spooky skeleton made the Internet go crazy. This bad boy has come into our lives to bless us, and no, we’re not the only ones who think this. Ask Twitter users

© The Home Depot

We can all agree that Ash is right, isn’t she? Home Depot skeleton is the silver lining of 2020.

This spooky pal comes with animated LCD eyes, which appear to move and blink when it activates. Perfect to creep out your entire neighborhood even more (that is, if they’re not already taking a thousand selfies while standing under his majestic presence). 

People are already making big plans about how to get their hands on one of these and what they’ll do with it.

Those who were lucky enough to purchase their own 12ft skeleton have shared their reviews on the official Home Depot website. In case you needed any more convincing to get yours, check them out:

“This skeleton is the only thing that has cured my depression”

© The Home Depot

“Nate is a gentle giant”

© The Home Depot

“Don’t even question the rationale of this purchase”

© The Home Depot

It has made us SO happy, that someone even drew fan-art of the Home Depot skeleton.

It’s all everyone can think about these days, to be honest.

Unfortunately for most of us, it seems like the Home Depot is mostly out of stock of the 12ft skeleton. For now, all we can do is wait for it to come back to us and give our lives more meaning. Please come back, Home Depot skeleton.