Time to hold off on that five dollar footlong.

What’s your favorite part about walking into a Subway for lunch? Chances are it’s not their selection of chips, their unbeatable prices, or the freedom of choosing anything and everything to put on your sandwich. It’s that sweet, signature aroma you get when you walk into one of their restaurants. Some would even say it’s enchanting.

Well, just like their bread, it’s fake. Dreams = crushed.

Ok, so their bread isn’t literally*fake. You’re not being served a pretend roll. It is, however, made up of one deadly (but delicious) ingredient that probably shouldn’t be there. Or, at least not as much as it currently is.

And that’s sugar.

Sandwich No GIF by SubwayMX - Find & Share on GIPHY

This past Tuesday, a court in Ireland made the ruling that the bread served by Subway cannot in fact be defined as bread due to it’s high levels of sugar. This was declared based on Ireland’s Value-Added-Tax Act of 1972, which draws a clear distinction between ‘staple foods’ such as milk, eggs, tea and ‘more discretionary indulgences’ such as ice cream, pastries, chocolate, etc. and how they should be taxed. The deciding difference between these food items are in fact the amount of sugar they contain, which is strictly laid out within the act as “the amount of sugar in bread “shall not exceed 2% of the weight of flour included in the dough.”

See, that’s where Subway gets into a little bit of trouble. Their bread, or at least their classic white Italian bread, contains five (5!) times as much sugar as it does flour. This means that they’re now classified as confectionary, like a croissant. Call me crazy, but that Meatball Marinara doesn’t sound too appealing stuffed inside a confectionary roll, does it?

Subway’s Irish franchisee, Bookfinders Ltd., has filed an appeal to this decision, so we’ll see what happens there. Until then, order your subs responsibly people and look out for people dropping loaves of Subway bread in your trick-or-treat bags this Halloween.