That’s a lot of carrots.

People were going on with their usual activities of the day until a large orange truck came and dumped 29 tonnes of carrot on the street in London. Yes, 29 entire tonnes!

You probably haven’t seen that much carrots in one place at once. Onlookers thought something must be wrong with the truck driver? Was he lost? What was happening? Why were so many carrots being left on the street? Some even went to twitter to ask why there were so many carrots left out on the street. 

Turns out the carrots were dumped outside the university campus as part of an art installation project by an artist as part of an MFA degree show. Talk of modern art, right? The art was a ‘Grounding piece’ by Rafael Perez Evans who decide to get the carrots dumped outside Goldsmith’s University Campus in the UK.

Perez said that though they may look like a lot of carrots to dump on the street, they were carrots that were not wanted and they were considered not to be good enough to be sold in supermarkets. Either way, they would have been dumped somewhere else.

A pile of 29 tonnes of carrots lying on the street would definitely catch anyone’s eye and that is what exactly happened. Students from the campus and passersby had to stop and take a pic of the carrots for the gram. Some even climbed up the pile to get the perfect shot. Others cheekily got away with a few with them probably to eat at home. One of the students from the campus said that it was somewhat fun and bizarre to have such a big pile of carrots just dumped on the street.

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According to the Perez, who is the artist behind this strange artwork, the aim was on giving attention to “the tensions in visibility between the rural and the city” when he came up with this concept. The inspiration behind it was the farmers in Europe who were dumping their produce as a way to protest.

Though supermarkets didn’t think the carrots were good enough for purchase, some people felt that it was too much edible food to waste. No wonder some of them were stealing some of the carrots. The carrots definitely caught everyone’s attention and got the point of the artist across. He wanted people to think about food wastage and the amount of food that doesn’t make it to supermarket shelves and the bizarre art of the carrot pile got people talking about it. They will then be collected and fed to animals eventually.

They say the best way to send a message is to do it in a big way. And the carrot affair was just that. So the next time you are taking a stroll on the street and come across a big pile of carrots, maybe onions or tomatoes, don’t worry. It’s probably just art.