And it’s just as scary, if not scarier, than humans being possessed.

A visit to the dentist doesn’t generally hold the fondest memories for anyone. As kids, just the thought of having to go see a dentist was terrifying. If you thought being a patient was bad, trainees hoping to become dentists might have it worse. A video of a dental school robot that was malfunctioning went viral and was doing rounds on twitter (and not for any good reason).

In the video, when the lips of the robot are touched, it starts turning and twisting its head in a jarring manner, as it stares blankly into space, ready to chomp on anything that its mouth comes across. It thrashes its neck out and gnaws at the air as its eyes twitch in an unnerving way. The best advice if you ever come close to a robot like this one is to keep your fingers in your pocket and a crucifix within arms reach.

Clearly, if the education system was looking for a way to reduce the number of dental practitioners, this would be it. Just take the students to do a root canal on this robot, and without question, they’ll just end up as bankers or accountants.

The robot in itself is just one of those things you wouldn’t want to come across. But the big question is who did this? Was the robot meant to look like this or was it just one of those ‘oops’ mistakes that happen?

The frightening robot is what happens when two very disticnt industries collide: the dental industry and the sex industry. Involving the sex industry sounds a little bonkers but there was a purpose behind it. While the dental industry wanted to create something that could be used to help the dental practice become safer, they also wanted something that was somewhat realistic and had some natural features. That is where the sex industry came in to make the robot look life-like. The robotics developer, Tmusk, and and Orient Industry, which is a sex doll creator, are both based out of Japan.

While the terrifying robot looks as spine-chilling as any robot could be, it is hilarious that some thought the eye chilling machine was attractive to some extent. Making the robot came from a good place, which is the desire to make dentistry safer for people no matter how terrible they think going to the dentist is. It seems the dentist will be just as wary of your visits as you are, of visiting them.