They really took ‘grab em by the balls’ a little too literally…

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the Qiui Cellmate, the world’s first app-enabled chastity belt, had been vulnerable to hacking for months. A lot of users reported injuries after being locked in by cybercriminals (ouch?!)

Apparently, a smart app-controlled unsex toy is something more dangerous than one could think. After receiving many reports, you’d think the company would have done something ASAP to protect its customers and their…valuables. Well, think again. 

During the past few days, Twitter has been full of users reporting issues with the device, saying that hackers are locking the victims in and holding them to ransom. So, you either pay 0.02 Bitcoin (approximately 221 USD) or have your private parts trapped indefinitely until infertility. The manufacturer didn’t bother securing their devices to protect their users, and now hackers are getting loaded by blackmailing hundreds of innocent victims. 

User @teisoudorei_000, for example, posted a screenshot on Twitter that showed what the typical blackmailing message says. 

Not only do hackers say they’ve gained access to the devices, but also that they have obtained personal information from the device’s app. This way, users will seem forced to accept and pay.

Some users, however, got slightly luckier. @billychained tweeted that, after a hacker took control of their device, they didn’t think to actually lock the device. The user decided to ignore the threat, as they had given little information on their Qiui account. 

Qiui updated users on the actions they were taking regarding this huge hacking problem. But their response left many in shock, as they thought it wasn’t nearly enough.

Now, only time will tell if the company’s reputation will remain good after this issue, but it seems like if they don’t do much about it, heads won’t be the only things rolling. While hacking is inevitable in this digital era, companies must ensure that their clients feel safe and trust the brand entirely. After something as delicate as this, it is understandable that thousands of people are furious at the brand. Hopefully, they work on this issue and solve it before it gets more out of hand.