Saved by the teacher; a classic heroic story to make your day.

On a usual distance learning day, for first grade Edgewood Elementary School teacher Julia Koch and her students, something happened by chance that ended up saving the life of one of her student’s grandmother.

The class started as it usually does, only that there was a problem with one of the students who seemed to be having technical issues with the learning equipment used in the district. The teacher, Julia Koch, told WOOD-TV that the device used by that one particular student was not charging. Concerned, Koch immediately called the grandmother to find out what the problem was and to hopefully get the student back on the distance learning class.

That call may have been by fate, since it was the best thing that could have happened to the student’s grandmother at that time. As Koch and the grandmother were talking, the teacher noticed that things were not completely okay. We sometimes get nudges in our gut and shrug them off instead of trying to find out if there’s something that’s not entirely right. This teacher felt that something was definitely up when the conversation started, and she knew that she had to do something about it.

When she inquired further, it turned out that the grandmother, Cynthia Phillips, was having the symptoms of a stroke. This meant that she needed some help ASAP. Koch got a hold of administrators immediately, who then called 911 to ask for some emergency assistance.

The student’s grandmother was taken to hospital as soon as medical assistance got to her. She was able to access some treatment and has already begun her journey to rehabilitation. Every long journey starts with one step. She can finally stand on her own and though she has not recovered fully, things will get better with time. Cynthia Phillips was super grateful to the school administration and to the distance learning teacher who happened to save her life. Had it not for the prompt response that was made after that call, she wouldn’t have made it.

Julia Koch is now getting some recognition for her outstanding efforts that saved Cynthia Phillips’ life. Though the district has been faced with a challenging decision to work with virtual learning to educate the students after COVID-19 happened, this event clearly shows that something good can come out of it, and it definitely did. Koch was glad to have been of some help to both the student and her grandmother.

Being able to help someone out is a good thing. Saving their life is a great thing and it cannot be taken for granted. The teacher thought she was going to help a student get back on virtual class, but she ended up helping the student’s grandmother hold on to life. How amazing is that!