You could almost say they were…Off-beat…

Reddit is a complex eco-system, full of the world’s most weird and wonderful people. Some of those people just happen to be cops.

Knowing this, u/XxJIAA99xX7 asked the badged populace of Reddit, ‘What’s the most bulls**t sounding excuse you got that actually turned out to be true?” As you could imagine, there were quite a few instances to be shared.

And because we value your time more than you do, yourself, we’ve compiled a list of the best responses. All be, not all the responses were from police officers, but they were still worthy of being mentioned.

Discern for yourselves whether these stories are good enough for your next round of dinner-table talk.

1. Ants in his Pants.

2. Camels in Southwestern U.S.?

3. Told You So

4. Cat Munchies

5. Let's Throw A Wholesome One In The Mix

Here’s the link from the post:

6. Oh Deer

7. We've All Been There

8. Squirtle's Cousin

9. Locked and Loaded

10. Not Your Average House Cat

11. Is It Just Us, Or Are A Lot Of These Animal-Related?

12. Talk About A Plot Twist

13. Proclamation of Emaciation

14. Just Made It

15. Taco-bout A Mix-up