Sometimes, it takes a little out of all of us to save the world.

In a bid to possibly cleanse it’s soul, PornHub has created The Dirtiest Porn Ever. Still not making sense?

The Dirtiest Porn Ever is quite possibly the most raunchy save the world campaign the world has seen, to date. Featuring star performer Leolulu, the video is set on one of the world’s most trash-strewn beaches, where the performers are surrounded by mounds of unwanted refuse. Those of you looking for a NSFW view will be left disappointed as the star is obscured by, you guessed it, your own litter. Bet you aren’t so happy about throwing that wrapper on the ground?

Now, now, settle yourself. No need to get all riled up in a hormonal rage. As the video progresses, a clean-up crew slowly eradicates the piles of garbage, revealing the intimate acts of the performers, uncensored and all.

So how exactly does this video save the oceans? Donations, my friend. For every view PornHub records, they will donate an undisclosed amount of money towards Ocean Polymers, a waste management company that uses patent-pending plasma technology to vaporize plastic and other waste. They use a large 60-meter converted tanker to collect and process waste found in the ocean. The process of converting the plastic into a….oh, you’ve stopped reading and already went to the video?

Good on you. The world thanks you for it. And for those of you still reading, don’t be ashamed of your sudden urge to help clean the ocean. Remember, you aren’t doing this for yourself.