And on today’s itinerary we have a scenic boat ride, a stop for swimming, and a life-threatening race for life with a hot cloud of volcanic ash.

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The video speaks for itself.

If you are lacking a solid Wi-Fi connection, or are close to the end of your phone’s billing cycle, we’ll save you some trouble. The video, originally posted on Instagram by @elena_schiera21, captures the dramatic moment when an active volcano on the Italian island of Stromboli erupts.

The eruption was the exclamation point after months of high activity from the volcano. Just over a month prior, another eruption killed a hiker on the volcano. This time around, fortunately, no one was killed or severely injured. Given the intensity of the video posted, it’s a very pleasant surprise.

In the video, hot ash plummets down the side of the volcano and races across the surface of the lake. Our lucky videographer is relaxing on a nearby boat when the sudden eruption puts everyone on edge. Immediately understanding the peril they are in, the driver of the boat guns it. The ensuing video captures the dramatic moments as the boat mercilessly flees the cloud of death steadily rising higher into the air as it simultaneously stretches across land and sea.

The boat escapes, not unscathed, however. In the same post, Elena adds pictures of the aftermath. Ash litters the boat deck, after raining down on them from the towering clouds. Suffice to say, the occupants of the boat and any in the vicinity of the volcano are very lucky to be alive. And we are very lucky to have such an epic video highlighting the immense power Mother Nature possesses.