Maybe everyone just sucks at that age?

Who do you consider the worst studying generation ever? A pseudonymous author’s article may incline you to believe millennials are the worst. A twitter user may tip your scale in favor of the 18th-century’s equivalent.

First, the pseudo-prof. Written by an assistant professor from Midwestern University, the article Millenials: the age of entitlement explores the professors’ frustrations with their new-found reality of post-secondary education.

The professor who wisely withholds their real name reveals how their students fail to take responsibility for their learning, exhibiting a sense of entitlement to a passing grade. Students seem more concerned with earning a credit rather than actually learning something.

This isn’t a hate-piece written by a begrudged boomer, as the author repeatedly expressed their desire to show empathy towards the student’s struggles. They understand the system these students were brought up in, and understand the crippling debt that forces them to work while taking a full course load.

What the professors can’t understand is why none of the students ever make an earnest effort to earn a proper grade. The professor compares the younger students, aged from their early twenties to mid-thirties, to a student who is in her fifties. She’s also a mother. However, being a mother in her fifties doesn’t stop her from excelling in an online course; a format she has no experience with. Why can’t her more tech-savvy students also show the same enthusiasm and effort as a 50-plus-year-old lady who lived more than half her life without a computer?

This frustration and yearn for a more eager generation is what drives the author to conclude that millennials don’t read, they don’t think as critically as they are capable of, and they just not interested in learning for learning’s sake.

Jenny Bann, aka @calluna_, disagreed. Having transcribed some disciplinary records for 18th-century university students, Jenny had a different take on millennials being the absolute worst.

Her conclusion came after a series of tweets exampling the troubles university students were getting themselves into. A series we have graciously provided for your viewing pleasure, below.

While it remains to be seen who the worst generation truly is, it’s nice to know that university students are a troubled and troublesome demographic regardless of what century they’re born in.

1. This could have been from the 18th century, or 2018.

2. Drunk taxi rides? Sounds familiar



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