I’m alone. I’m old. But guess what, I’m tough.

Standing 5 feet tall, weighing 105 pounds, and able to deadlift more than twice her body weight, Willie Murphy is not your average grandmother. This is something an intoxicated intruder had to learn for himself the hard way.

It was the evening of November 21st. Willie was preparing to go to bed at her Rochester, NY home when she heard a loud voice at her doorstep. It was an unidentified man, and he was asking for help, claiming he was sick.

Wary of the situation, Willie elected to call the police to assist the man but chose not to open the door. A few moments later, the man decided to let himself in, anyways, and busted the door open.

Shocked and confused, Willie took a moment while hiding in the shadows to collect herself, then immediately leaped into action. Grabbing a nearby table, she clobbered the intruder until he fell to the floor.

At that point, she decided to empty an entire bottle of shampoo on his face and then proceeded to beat the man with a broom until the police arrived. If he wasn’t in need of assistance before, he sure as ever needed it now.

Suffice to say, the police were more than impressed with the grandmother’s solo heroics, even asking to take pictures with her before they left.

Willie is no stranger to fame and acclaim. Not only is she a prominent figure at her local gym, but she was also featured on the TODAY show, last year, for her remarkable bodybuilding.

81 years old at the time, Willie claimed many records with the World Natural Powerlifting Federation. One such record is her 235-pound deadlift.

What’s most astonishing about Willie, however, is that she only started weightlifting when she was 70. Her motivation was to be self-reliant and not need help from others with simple tasks like shoveling some snow.

Willie continues to work out routinely and inspires many others, young and old, to pick up some weights and create a healthy lifestyle.

Willie is one weightlifter we wish would spam our Instagram feeds.