Another beloved (yet racist) brand bites the dust.

After years of deliberation, the Washington Redskins are finally retiring their name and logo due to the controversy of it being a ‘dictionary-defined slur’ against Native Americans.

The news was announced via Press Release on Twitter from the official team account, stating they were developing a ‘new name and design that will enhance the standing of our proud, tradition-rich franchise’ and ‘inspire their sponsors, fans, and community for the next 100 years.’ Inspire them to do what exactly is a question that remains pending, but good for them anyways.

With community response from this decision incredibly mixed, there is one question that remains: what will they be called now?

Leave it to Twitter to figure that one out—or at least have fun with the idea. Since the announcement, both Redskins and general football fans have been pitching their creative ideas on the social media platform, and I have to say they’ve gotten pretty creative.

Here are some of the funniest ‘ideas’ we’ve seen so far:

1. Keep it the same…yet different?

2. I mean, he definitely might go for it.

3. A true win for angry, self-absorbed women everywhere.

4. Still offensive, but at least it’s not racist!

5. A major dig at DC politicians.

6. Not sure how Dan Snyder would feel.