No, no one actually dies. So what in the world is it?

Amazing, that’s what it is.

The World Championship of Death Diving, formerly known as Dødsing, has been held annually in Norway since 2008. It’s a relatively new sport that has gained popularity thanks to the internet.

If you’ve never heard of it before, don’t fret. It’s not a hard sport to learn, theoretically speaking. Actually taking part in the activities is a whole other story. Participants gracefully hurl themselves from 10-meter-high platforms, landing with a giant splash. This is not the Olympic diving you’re used to seeing.

There are two versions of the ‘death dive’. There’s the classic death dive, where participants jump horizontally and hold this position until just before they meet the water, where they start to tuck just enough as to not be slapped unconscious. The other version is freestyle. As its name suggests, there are no real rules. Leap as creatively as you dare.

After more than 10 years as an actual sanctioned competition, the creativity has definitely gone up. Just check out how the world champs have progressed since the first contest.

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