By that, we mean he wants to extend his border-line to Colorado. We would never call the POTUS crazy…

Trump recently spoke in public again, and well, it went just how you’d expect.

While speaking at the Shale Insight Conference, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Trump employed his regular rhetoric. He proudly declared he’s kept all the promises he made to them, he valiantly stood tall while speaking about the unrelenting witch hunts that plague his weekly life, and he emphatically stated how they are going to build a wall in New Mexico and Colorado!

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Wait, rewind. Colorado?

We aren’t the United States Geological Survey, but we’re pretty sure Colorado doesn’t border Mexico, or Canada, for that matter.

Actually, Colorado is snugly surrounded by seven US states and is more than 400 miles from any international border (the closest being Mexico). For perspective, that’s about a seven hours drive from the edge of Colorado, to the edge of Mexico.

Given the Democrat’s unquenchable thirst to discredit Trump, Jared Polis, Governor of Colorado, quickly jumped on Twitter to reaffirm that Colorado does not, in fact, border Mexico. He also took the time to unrelatedly promote Colorado’s free full-day kindergarten so kids can learn basic geography. So shameless, these Democrats.

How could he not know that the Donald was just joking? Of course he isn’t going to build a wall in Colorado. He just meant Colorado would benefit from the wall built on Mexico’s border. Or wait, did he assume New Mexico was a part of Mexico?

Nope, we were right. The Donald was just kidding around. Silly Dems. Always so quick to jump the gun.

It appears Governor Polis wasn’t the only one to berate Trump on his quote unquote joke. See for yourself, the internet’s dramatic reaction to Trump’s amusing blunder. Wait, sorry, it wasn’t a blunder,it was an intentional joke.