And it’s not exactly what the provincial government might have expected.

Today marked the first day the Ontario government officially enacted a personal device ban, inhibiting elementary and high school students from using their cellphones, or other personal devices, in the classroom.

The ban, which is essentially a provincial standard framework that schools are encouraged to follow, doesn’t necessarily deny students the right to carry a cellphone. Instead, it asks them to turn the devices off and leave them in a backpack or purse, off the desk.

Sound familiar? Probably because your teacher asked you to do the same thing, even without provincial involvement.

The new ‘ban’ won’t actually be enforced by the provincial government either. Not that there are any penalties to enforce. The enforcement and subsequent punishment are under the discretion of the school boards and their respective schools.

Most schools already have rules regarding cellphone use. And like the provincial guideline states, students are still allowed to use cellphones in class for educational purposes, special needs, or emergencies. So, the current status quo.

So there’s no provincial enforcement, no actual penalty, and essentially creates no real change at all. You could imagine how students, and even some teachers, reacted to this extreme provincial intervention.

For those who struggle to remember what it was like to be a teen, here are some example’s of how Ontario’s youth are coping.

1. Unbelievable

2. The rebel inside dies slow

3. Ya don't say?

4. Safe bet?

5. Safe bet, indeed.

6. Even teachers find it funny

7. Beware the Cellphone Police. We hear they're worse than hall monitors.

8. Rebel status

9. Make rule. Teenager break rule. It's the Law of the Universe.

10. Sounds familiar...

11. Make sure your teacher's not on Twitter too

12. Same old, same old

13. Think about the kids!

14. Or maybe think about the politicians first?