The Cybertruck is cutting edge, but Twitter thinks it looks like a wedge.

Tesla is a revolutionary company, without a doubt. Their debut Roadster proposed the idea of a fun, likable electric vehicle. Their Model S proved an electric vehicle could look nice, drive like hell, and still seat 5 (+2 with the trunk seat option). The Model X was a little too revolutionary for it’s own good, if we must admit, but it still brought us the first mass-market electric SUV.

Having proved that people can and do like electric vehicles, Tesla finally launched its first affordable electric, with the Model 3. To be fair, companies like Chevrolet and Nissan already had affordable electrics, who’s styling improved over the years. The argument could be made, however, that Tesla’s emergence and dominance in the market pushed other manufacturers to up their game.

With the company’s first mid-size SUV, the Model Y, scheduled for delivery in the summer of 2020, and the Roadsters revival coming soon after, Tesla continues to push the fold on what’s possible for electric vehicles. And they’re still not done.

Yesterday, outside of their Fremont, California factory, Elon Musk unveiled the latest vehicle that will get the rest of the industry racing…once they figure out exactly what it is they’re looking at.

Tesla Cybertruck (

The Cybertruck is an all-electric (of course) pickup truck, quoted to start at US$39,900. It’s base model will come with a single motor, capable of doing 250 miles, while the top of the line tri-motor AWD spec can do a reported 500 miles. The top of the line model will come in at US$69,000.

Staying at the top, the three motors will propel you from 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds. Acceleration is great fun and all but we’re talking about a pickup truck here; wheres the torque? Worry not, as all electric vehicles have phenomenal low-end torque, benefiting the Cybertruck with 7500 lbs/ft towing capacity at the lowest, single motor, spec.

So like every other Tesla, it goes like hell, it has space for actual humans (6), and it looks…well. It looks like nothing else we’ve ever seen. In the real world, at least.

If we harken back to the days of yore, when video games were played on staticky bubble TVs, the Cybertruck would fit right in with the rest of the super sketchy graphics. Today, we wouldn’t blame you if your first assumption was this is Tesla’s concept for a Mars buggy.

All jokes aside, the surprise ATV revealed by Tesla, paired with the Cybertruck, does create a very appeasing symphony of design. Alone, the truck looks like a child’s doodle. But once it’s elements are put to use, it’s elegance slowly reveals itself.

Sadly, Twitter could care less for practical elegance. Once a wedge, always a wedge. See how warmly Twitter welcomed the new Tesla for yourself. If you like the design, view with caution. Some of these memes may make you do a second take. Once you see it, it’ll never be unseen.




















20. It cannot be unseen...