A fine example of international camaraderie.

‘Tis the holiday season and while everyone might not celebrate the same holidays, it is a time we all like to be with our families. This man is no different.

Fardin Kazemi, a veteran truck driver who has been driving across Europe for more than two decades was recently stranded in central Poland after his old trusty lorry broke down. 

Kazemi was on his way to finish up his final delivery and head home back to his family back in Iran. Sadly, after completing his final delivery his 30 years old lorry could not take it anymore and broke down near a small town in Poland.

Anything that could possibly go wrong, did.

Soon after his lorry broke down, Kazemi realized it was beyond repair and he was also quite far from the nearest town. He spent a couple of days in his truck until his luck returned. Some local truck drivers found him and graciously gave him a place to stay.

The drivers also started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to get Kazemi home.

The campaign was a huge hit and over $25.000 was donated under 24 hours, the amount was doubled the following day.

Shocked by the support and the love he was receiving, Kazemi said, “I have traveled all over Europe for 27 years… so far I have not had the chance to get to know Poles better, although they have always been nice. Now it turns out that they are wonderful people, and it is difficult for me to believe their help.”

With the enormous amount of help and donations, the drivers also decided to buy a new truck for Kazemi. Blinded by the love and the support he was receiving from the Polish people, Kazemi described them as “angels”.

Now, Kazemi needs to find a way to import his new truck into his home country Iran. Iran has some very strict import laws, which can also be very costly. The group plan to help Kazemi import the truck and help pay for the expenses with the crowdfund.

With everything that went down, Kazemi was just happy that his mother did not know about any of this, “We didn’t tell my mother any of the details of this, so as not to worry her. She just thinks I’m at work.” he added.

With his life slowly getting back on its rails and his mother without a clue about what happened to him, Kazemi is looking forward to going back to his normal life, with his mother none the wiser.