The future is now.

Ah, a new decade. The past decade was filled with many memorable moments. Sports events that will live for generations, movies that changed the landscape of the entire industry, and viral fads that manipulated us into making absolute fools of ourselves.

A lot happens in a year, let alone a decade. While the 2010’s were quite a ride, it’s time to move onto the 2020’s.

There’s a lot to look forward to just this year alone. Euro 2020, the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, the countless music that will be released by our favorite artists, and of course, the tech.

Towards the end of 2019, a lot of companies started experimenting with different pieces of technology, such as under-screen cameras, foldable phones, and pop-up cameras. Nearly all these concepts were prototypes and have yet to make it to the market. A lot of that is set to change within the next few years and personally, we can’t wait.

Here are some of the most tantalizing new technological developments that may just hit the market this year, or soon after.

1. Foldable Phones

In 2019, the first generation of foldable phones (no, flip phones are not the foldable phones we’re talking about, and yes, we know about the new Razr) were released to the public. Currently, they are all too expensive as the cheapest one is sold for $1500.

Most tech insiders anticipate that in the 2020s this new technology will be perfected, at which point competition will drive the price down. Meaning, not only we will be able to buy better and improved versions of foldable phones, we will also be able to get them cheaper!

2. Budget Phones

The price of having a high-end phone has increased significantly in the last decade. Nowadays, a flagship device’s price starts at around $900. As companies kept pumping out devices with the exorbitant price tags, smartphone sales took a hit. People stopped upgrading yearly and decided to hold on to their devices.

This started a new war between the big names of the industry. “Budget phones”, phones that cost around $200-$500. These phones have been hot ever since the users woke up and realized they may not actually need the fastest processor and the best camera.

To stay competitive, manufacturers do their best to produce the best budget phones and offer the same experience they offer with their flagship phones. A good example of this could be the rumored Google Pixel 4A and the up and coming iPhone SE 2 (name not confirmed). These phones basically allow users with lower budgets to enter their ecosystems and experience quality for a better price!

3. Flagship Smart Phones

While the foldables and budget phones are on the offensive, flagship phones have to defend their spot. In 2019, we had the pleasure of witnessing the first iteration of high refresh rate displays on the OnePlus phones, among other manufacturers. But household names such as Apple and Samsung refrained from implementing a high refresh rate display to their 2019 models.

Rumor has it that both companies are looking forward to using at least 90 Hz displays in their 2020 models. Said 2020 iPhone is also expected to have an under-display camera and a notch-less screen. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S20 is rumored to have a 108 MP camera alongside a huge battery.

As household names perfect last year’s tech innovations, brands wishing to compete will be on the hunt to test new features and stay among the top of the market. Who said competition doesn’t bring out the best in us?

4. 5G

Slowly but surely, 5G is getting ready to make its mass-market entrance. In the past two years, most carriers have been beta testing the technology and the results are over the charts. In its full potential, 5G offers unbelievable download and upload speeds, around 1,500+ MBps.

However, when the signal gets interrupted the speed drastically reduces but most tech insiders believe that the technology is close to perfection and we may start seeing providers rolling out their 5G service at the end of 2020!

5. Electric Vehicles

When electric cars were first introduced, most people did not believe in them and found them to be impractical. However, the pioneer of the industry, Tesla, proved it otherwise. With constant improvements and new models being announced, Tesla has shown the world that electric cars are the future.

Today, a lot of other well-known car manufacturers are joining the race. Porsche, Toyota, and Hyundai are just some brands that have started producing electric or hybrid cars in the last 3 years.

In the 2020s, Tesla is expected to roll out their triple motor version of Model S and their semi-truck should come out by 2021. Also, the Tesla Model Y seems to be ahead of schedule, and it is expected to hit the production line at full tilt in 2020!

Apart from the ones that are within our grasp, the infamous CyberTruck is also expected to be out in 2023 for the public.

6. Rise of Mobile Commerce and AI

These two have been picking up steam over the past five years when it comes to improvement and innovation. Home devices such as Alexa and Google Home have already integrated themselves into the very fabric of our daily lives.

Mobile apps that allowed us to go grocery shopping from the comfort of our home hit the market alongside courier apps which started bringing literally anything we want to our doorstep.

In the 2020s, we expect these two innovations to combine to make it so that we will not even have to leave our homes! While there is much to get excited about, there is also much to be wary of. The technology is still very new and the policies that surround it are still very vague and not sufficient enough.

So, while we have a lot of new devices and pieces of technology to be exited about in the 2020s, we should also watch out for the uprising of the robots!