This isn’t a ride anyone is going to want to call next.

Winter is here. As a kid, winter and snow meant day-offs alongside some semi-serious snowball fights. When you don’t have a care in the world, winter can potentially be the most fun season.

However, as adults, snow does not really give us a free pass from our obligation. Having to function fully and continue to do our everyday jobs despite the heavy snow outside can be a dreadful experience. As if that wasn’t enough, it tacks on extra chores as well: shoveling the driveway, changing tires, even buying a new pair of boots to prevent sliding and breaking a hip.

An Indian soldier by the name of Havildar Rajendra Singh Negi is not so different. He was doing his best to serve his country despite the demoralizingly heavy snow and frosty conditions. While patrolling the India-Pakistan border, things got a little too frosty and Negi slipped on the fallen snow near the border and ended up sliding into Pakistan.

Army sources claim that a rescue operation was being conducted and they would not hold anything back in order to find the missing soldier.

One could maybe see some humor in this story. I mean, sliding and rolling over until you cross the border of another country is not an everyday event.

But the recent tension between India and Pakistan make this story a bit unnerving. This tension is nothing new; the two countries have been fighting over the Kashmir region before most of us were even born.

They have been officially at war in 1947, 1965 and 1999. So there is definitely some history there. According to sources, the flames of this dispute rose again after a relatively recent suicide bombing, which killed 40 Indian security personnel. The attack was carried out by a Pakistan-based militant group.

India on the other hand, believed that the Pakistani government was using terrorist groups to weaken their defense. After issuing a couple of statements, India responded to the initial attack with airstrikes and the two countries have been skirmishing around the very area that the soldier Negi went missing.

Here’s to hoping that the two countries can momentarily put aside their differences and come to an agreement for his safe return to his family. Wishful thinking for sure but one could only hope.

Bare this as a warning for thy self. If you happen to reside in a wintery land, do be careful with your steps as you may just cross into an unsavory neighbors property.