It’s not every day the richest man in the world has his phone hacked.

If you watched Mr. Robot and thought to yourself that was too far-fetched, we’ve got a refresher for you that may change your mind.

Remember one of the most famous hacks in the last few years? No, we aren’t talking about all those nude leaks you vulgar vulture? Still don’t have a clue? We can help you jog your memory…

When Jeff met Mohammed

It was April 2018 and Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO and The Washington Post owner, was making good friends with Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) in Los Angeles. After a night of pleasantries and fine-dining, they exchanged phone numbers and departed ways. Only, their paths had just become forcibly intertwined.

Weeks later, on May 1, 2018, Bezos got a seemingly innocent message with a video file from his new royal friend. Unbeknownst to the multi-billionaire, the file was embedded with spyware that extracted private and personal information from the iPhone for months.

It’s unclear what kind of info was taken from the richest man in the world, but even money could not stop what happened next. On January 10, 2019, the National Enquirer ran an explosive exposé on Bezos’ extramarital affair; just a day after the couple announced their divorce.

But what does the National Enquirer have to do with Bezos or MBS? I know you have the attention span of a goldfish but stay with me here. Jeff Bezos is the owner of The Washington Post. The Washington Post had been heavily reporting on the Saudi Kingdom, thanks to a columnist by the name of Jamal Khashoggi.


In October of 2018, Khashoggi, who was very critical of the Saudi government, was killed in a “fight” at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Further investigation revealed that it may have been an assassination by the Saudi regime to silence the dissident.

The entire situation was highly controversial, and highly publicized, by none other than The Washington Post.  Of course, that didn’t make MBS and his royal regime very happy. They vehemently denied any affiliation with the killing of Khashoggi and stand by those convictions to this day. So what does this have to do with the National Enquirer??

Let’s take another jump back in time, now to September of 2017, when the crown prince met with American Media Inc. (AMI) CEO, David Pecker. FYI,AMI owns the National Enquirer. The two seem to have hit it off, as before the Enquirer was going full gossip girl on Bezos’ love life, they were busy publishing ravishing coverage of a certain crown prince who was “transforming the world at 32.”

Back to the Future-ish  

It’s November 2018, one month after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and two months before Bezos’ cheating scandal goes public. Coverage of the assassination is rampant and the pressure is mounting. In the midst of all the drama, Bezos has another problem to deal with. A photo sent from the personal WhatsApp of MBS depicting a woman similar to the one with whom he had been having an affair. Just a coincidence perhaps, or did the crown prince know something that the world had yet to learn? If so, was it the “transformative” prince who leaked the story to his pals at the Enquirer?

What next?

Of course, the Saudi government doesn’t own up to any of the accusations. According to them, Khashoggi was killed in a fight and they have nothing to do with it, nor with the data leakage.

The UN seems to think otherwise and has no interest in the kindergarten game of “he did it.”  UN human rights experts are urging US and other foreign officals to immediately investigate the issue, as stated in a press release on January 22, 2020.

                The UN seems to believe that there is a strong tie between the Saudi government and the events covered above. As they put it, there should also be an “investigation of the continuous, multi-year, direct and personal involvement of the Crown Prince in efforts to target perceived opponents.”

                We just need to wait to see who makes the next move…