ICE is cold as ever, arresting 680 workers from Mississippi Food Processing Plants

On August 7, 2019, 600 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE, if you didn’t already know) agents raided seven chicken processing plants in Mississipi. In what is reported as the largest immigration raid in a decade, 680 suspected undocumented immigrants were detained.

While many families were torn apart, and people were ripped from what had become their normal everyday American lives, others were more concerned about the effects on a grand scale.

Maria Isabel Ayala, a childcare worker for the plant’s employees was quoted saying “This will affect the economy.” A just concern indeed, given the importance of the chicken industry to the towns of Mississippi, where the raids took place. One such town being Morton, where chicken plants dominate the local economy, according to TIME.

However, a more alarming concern brought forth by Maria is “Without them here, how will you get your chicken?” Indeed, without immigrants, how are we to get our source of lean protein? Surely, this is a very large concern, one which the government should have foreseen before haphazardly removing these men and women from their families when all they were just trying to get us to eat more white meat.

It’s amazing how the government just doesn’t realize how important immigrants are to the nation. After all, if you kick them all out, who will clean the toilets?

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