Next up, cryo pods.

It’s no secret that flying economy can be incredibly uncomfortable. From finding adequate space in the luggage compartments to engaging in psychological warfare with your seat neighbor over who gets to control the armrest between you, flying in the lowest tier can be a tiring experience before you even take-off.

Long-haul flights are especially arduous as you’re confined to the centimeters of precious “legroom” for more than half of Earth’s rotation. Sure, the unlimited snacks and beverages can help numb the pain, especially if you’re over a certain age.

Eventually, you’re going to want to stretch out and catch a few zzz’s. Unless you’ve already knocked yourself out from inoculating yourself with alcohol, you’re in for a frustrating nap. Leaning your seat back is more of a placebo than an actual comfort feature.

Fortunately, we are not forsaken.

Air New Zealand recently unveiled a new concept that could make its way into economy cabins as early as 2021. ‘Skynest’ is a set of six beds stacked three a side, and could allow paying passengers to lay back and rest without having to worry about the person behind them punching their seat.

The new addition has yet to be certified by regulators, but Air New Zealand is hoping it is ready to go when their 17-hour Auckland to New York route commences next year. Passengers would have to prebook time in the pods and flight attendants would replace the sheets and pillows between sessions.

Sure, it’s not the end-all solution to economic air travel but it’s a welcomed step towards increasing the comfort and enjoyability of temporary tubular confinement.