It’s hard to practice social distancing when you don’t have a home.

As the coronavirus switched up its gear, we started the process of self-isolation and stocked all the TP we could find to hibernate through everything.

While we were lucky enough to stay indoors and enjoy every piece of content we could get our hands onto, the less unfortunate members of our society were trapped outside to eventually face the virus head-on.

With nowhere warm and sanitized enough to shelter themselves from all the madness that is going on, it sure seemed like we were forgetting something really essential. Considering that most homeless people are in their later stages of life with pre-existing conditions, abandoning them against the unknown would just be too cruel.

As we are shutting down convention centers, stadiums left and right, while hotels are also being emptied, the solution to the problem flourished on its own.

Officials all around the States are doing everything necessary to welcome all the homeless in these now empty facilities to keep the effects of the outbreak at a minimum.

San Diego is getting ready to turn its monumental conference center, Golden Hall, into a shelter while moving the families that are already in family shelters to hotels. Officials claim that by doing so, they will essentially be able to take care of those in need better both psychologically and physically.

Image via Voice of San Diego

Even though we are starting to gain some pace in our war against COVID-19, the battles we are fighting are mentally taxing while being extremely dangerous for our health as well. Most of us have never seen a global tragedy at such a scale as this before and the mental effects of this are just unforeseeable

On the other side of the ocean, the UK is also taking necessary actions to house the homeless in empty offices and hotels as a part of their coronavirus plan. Former football player Gary Neville also announced that the two hotels he owns were to be shutting its doors to the public and would be starting to welcome NHS staff for free.

Image via Hello Magazine

Even though their “herd immunity” approach was a danger to both the country itself and its neighbors let alone the world, it is good to see them taking it seriously just like the rest of the globe.

The war is on-going on and it seems like we are one-up ahead. But being one-up ahead doesn’t mean anything if we start letting it loose and forget everything we have done so far. Just like in soccer, we should do our best to keep the score as it is and play out the rest of the match carefully.

Stay inside, stay safe and most importantly warn your elders as hearing it from you may just convince them how serious everything going on is.