A small act of kindness goes a long way. Just look at some of these reactions.

We are living in a truly historic time. How society changes as a result of this pandemic has yet to be seen, but that is a thought for the future. A future that thousands are fighting tirelessly to save, with little reprieve.

As confirmed cases of COVID-19 grow worldwide, humans have been joined in their fight against a common enemy like never before. Even so, not all of us are in this fight at an equal capacity. While we can all play a part, by social distancing and properly washing our hand, our role in this pandemic falls dramatically short of what our everyday heroes are put up to.

That includes everyone from the ICU doctors and nurses, to the hospital cleaning staff and cleaning staff everywhere, and even the grocery store clerks who continue to keep shelves stocked and checkout lanes open.

These workers of the world are risking their lives without rest so we may one day put this all behind us. Most do it out of passion, some for the good of humanity, but regardless of their reasons, they are the bravest people on earth at the moment.

Though showing the entirety of our gratitude and love for these brave heroes is quite impossible, that hasn’t stopped people from trying. As is the nature of the human spirit, citizens from around the globe took part in various creative ways to celebrate everyone on the frontline of the pandemic.

Here is what everyone has been doing around the world.

1. Indian locals gather to show their support

2. Italians clap together from their balconies

3. Doctors and nurses in Barcelona don’t forget the cleaning staff of their hospitals

4. Hospital workers show their support for the care staff with a song

5. London Police, Fire and Paramedic Service sets up a convoy of support

6. Troy police department comes together

7. Israel organizes an applaud campaign to show their respect to the healthcare workers all around the world

8. Paris also claps alongside rest of the world