Domestic violence is never O.K.

Until recently, living with someone didn’t necessarily mean spending every waking minute with them. What with work, and individual friend groups, we were all able to get some time away from one another, which was more important than one might think.

Now that most of us have been staying inside with our significant others or families, you may start seeing some sides of them you had never seen before. Those may be abusive tendencies or simply bad habits. But the problem is that since it’s forbidden to go outside in some places, there’s no way to run or ask for help if you’re being physically threatened.

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Awareness about this issue has started spreading around the social media as more people become aware of the unspoken dangers other may be facing. For example, Florida-based B.Blaze Hair Boutique started a great initiative to help abuse victims covertly ask for help.

“If you are currently in isolation with an abusive person, send us a message asking if we are selling makeup,” the Instagram post read. “If you specifically ask about liquid eyeliner, we will ask you for your address “for shipping” and we will contact law enforcement for you”

Thankfully, there are also other companies taking steps to address this issue. Vodafone Czechia perfected an app called “Bright Sky CZ” that allows delivery and postal workers to report domestic violence to authorities. The team behind the app was inspired by a similar start-up which originated from the UK.

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The app educates all users on how they can notice domestic violence and what would be the perfect action to take. The app also aims to raise awareness by educating those that may be in harm’s way with surveys like “Am I in Danger?” If the result comes back as positive, the app also asks users if they would like it to let authorities know.

According to sources, more than 700 people downloaded the app since its release in February 2020 and it was used more than 330 times to find the nearest help center. The awareness survey was taken over 380 times.

It was also translated to English, Polish, Punjabi, and Urdu. Props to anyone who is involved in the process since this is an issue that claims God knows how many lives without people noticing.

This also reminds us to be more mindful of our surroundings and pay attention to details. Asking people how they’re doing may give some clues of what they may be going through. If you can notice obvious signs of abuse, letting the authorities know, for those who aren’t able to, can save their lives.

The app can be found both on the App Store and Play Store.