The North Korean leader has been M.I.A. since mid-April.

Did Seth Rogan and James Franco actually complete their mission from The Interview?

Things have been a little suspect lately on the other side of the world, more specifically, in North Korea. Their infamous leader, Kim Jong Un, has made headlines over the last several weeks. This time, it’s not from stirring up controversy or launching a missle—it’s because no one really knows how or where the F he is.

On April 15th, North Korea gathered to celebrate Kim Jong Un’s late grandfather, the Eternal President of North Korea Kim Il-sung’s birthday. Also known as the Day of the Sun, it was a day their nation had been waiting to come together and celebrate, and when they did, one noticeable figure was missing from the festivities: their beloved dictator, Kim Jong Un.

Cue nationwide panic.

Since news of his absence broke, Twitter users have vocalised their opinions of what has actually happened to Kim Jong Un, with one of the top trending hashtags over the past week subtly being #KIMJONGUNDEAD. But, is he?

That’s the issue at hand—no one knows! Not even credible news sources, who have all been reporting different conspiracies as to what could possibly be going on. Here are some of the stories that news outlets have reported:

1. He’s in critical condition following surgery

According to CNN, a US official with direct knowledge told them the US was monitoring intelligence suggesting that Kim was in ‘grave danger’ after a surgery. It followed a report by Daily NK—an online newspaper based in South Korea that reports on North Korea—that he reportedly underwent a cardiovascular procedure due to ‘excessive smoking, obesity, and overwork.’

2. He’s self-quarantining

JoongAng Daily newspaper, which is based in Seoul, quoted an unidentified person from China claiming that Kim was monitoring his health after one of his bodyguards was confirmed to have  coronavirus. This also explains why medical staff were mysteriously sent to China several days before to reportedly look after Kim.

3. His sister is stepping in

File:Secretary Pompeo Receives Photos from Kim Yo Jong in Pyongyang (44240182715).jpg

Since his notable celebration absence, Kim’s sister Kim Yo-jong has become a large topic of conversation for what’s happening next for the country. Despite multiple outlets reporting contradicting claims, she has reportedly been ‘groomed’ for this position since her teen years, meaning she is probably ready to take the wheel at any moment.

4. Injured in military drills

Kim’s family compound in Wonsan saw a burst of military activity—cruise missile tests and fighter jet maneuvers—right before the birthday celebrations were set to begin; ironically, the day *before*, on April 14th. However, many sources are failing to believe that Kim would be allowed to get close enough to be injured since he’s their beloved leader, so this one seems up in the air, but a credible theory nonetheless.

5. He’s…totally fine?

Possibly the most suspicious claim, bearing all theories in mind, is that Kim Jong Un is completely fine. On Sunday, South Korean presidential adviser Moon Chung-in told CNN that the North Korean leader was “alive and well”, and that he has been staying in Wonsan since April 13th. However, this doesn’t explain why there was cause for speculation in the first place. If there aren’t any issues, then why is it such a hot topic?


Will we ever know what’s going on? Maybe, but probably not. Whichever theory you believe is up to you, but something we can all agree on is that it’s awfully suspicious. Which theory do you believe most?