Everything has a silver, or in this case, gold lining.

COVID-19 has been testing our nerves for a few months now. With all the stressful news we read in social media, online school, and the Amazon delivery guy basically becoming our only source of human interaction from outside, it’s hard to imagine when things will go back to normal. But in the middle of these (very) weird times we’re living in, a German brewery has brought some people a silver lining by… giving away free beer!

Annkathrin Weis/Reuters

The coronavirus pandemic has forced thousands of hotels and bars to close. This doesn’t represent a problem only for these establishments, but also for the companies supplying them with food and drinks. However, the Willinger Brauhaus, a German brewery located in the western state of Hesse, decided to face their problems and use them to cheer people up during these difficult times. 

The health restrictions made it impossible for them to carry on with their normal scheduled beer deliveries, so they had hundreds of gallons of beer stored that would become useless without bars to deliver them to (beer has a shelf life of approximately eight weeks before it loses its unique flavor). Since Germany, like many other European countries, is preparing to slowly reopen restaurants and bars, the Willinger Brauhaus needed to get rid of the beer that was already in their tanks to refill them with fresh beer. All this lead to a miracle the Germans didn’t see coming.

On Thursday, they gave away around 2,600 liters (an equivalent of 690 gallons) of light and dark beer to as many citizens as possible. This unexpected gift was very well received, as it should be! In just a few hours, those thousands of liters had disappeared. The owner of Willinger Brauhaus, Franz Mast, stated that he wanted to thank people for their unconditional support, and he hopes they’ll be supportive once they formally re-open (luckily, they were able to do so yesterday. So congratulations to them!).

Annkathrin Weis/Reuters

Many brewers are unfortunately experiencing big financial problems due to a collapse in exports to countries like China and Italy. In fact, this year’s edition of the worldwide famous Oktoberfest was canceled due to COVID-19. 

With the odds against them for now, breweries are trying to do their best to reactivate their economy, and hopefully, they’ll see a major improvement soon thanks to the gradual easing of quarantine. For now, many lucky germans will get to wait for quarantine to be over while they enjoy a cold, free Willinger at home.

Those who weren’t able to make it on time for the beer giveaway don’t need to worry. The Willinger Brauhaus announced through its official Facebook page that there will be a restock on Tuesday starting 9 am at the Best Western Plus Hotel. Whoever wasn’t able to get to the first round on time will have a second chance of getting their hands on some free beer to make quarantine much more bearable.