There’s not a whole lot on T.V. these days, but there’s always The Donald.

Donald Trump is quit the entertainer, what with his past reality T.V. shows and the current political drama he’s been producing out of the White House. While he’s always had a penchant for off-the-wall tweets, his recent stint in the White House has made him somewhat of a circus master. After all, it takes a man of true talent to turn even the most drab press conferences into a media sensation.

Some call it a PR nightmare, while those fond of Trump like to frame it as simply being “blunt.” Despite his , we senselessly thought the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic would help calm his mouth. But apparently, his lips don’t lie and can’t be tamed, especially when it comes to answering reporters and journalists from “fake news” outlets.

Here are the top five recent moments President Donald Trump has had outbursts with the media.

May 11th 2020 White House Press Conference

CBS reporter, Weijia Jiang was at the receiving end of some of Trump’s saucy response at the May 11 press conference at the White House. She was succinctly told by the president to “ask China” after she asked Trump why he takes the coronavirus testing numbers as a competition despite the daily death rates recorded in the country.  Watch full video below.

It should, however, be remembered that this is not the first time the two are having a clash. Weijia was in the news some weeks ago when Trump told her to keep her voice down during a White House press conference (which is rather funny seeing how loud he is). This happened after a barrage of exchanges between the two of them on a question she asked concerning steps Trump took to warn Americans about the spread of the coronavirus at the time.

April 23rd 2020 White House Briefing

Two lucky journalists were the targets of Trump’s outburst on April 23rd. The first was Philip Rucker of the Washington Post. Trump simply told him that he is the president and Rucker is the Fake News. This was after Rucker asked a question about Homeland’s report on the effect of heat and humidity on the coronavirus.

Trump went on to say, “…I know you well. Because I know the guy, I see what he writes, he’s a total faker.” Maybe we should trust the president on this one? After all, he is “a person who has a good you-know-what.” (4:10 in the previous clip if you want to hear it for yourself)

The second reporter who was treated to a Trump treat that same day was CNN’s Kaitlin Collins. Trump was answering questions about the state of health of Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, who he said was fine and in a healthy condition. She attempted to ask Trump if he has had any contact with North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un when Trump told her she too was fake news. In his words, he said “CNN is fake news, don’t talk to me.” This was because the CNN had previously reported that the North Korea Leader might be in a critical medical condition.

Of course, we now know Kim Jong-un is actually live and well, and may have even faked his own death to out some traitors in his midst. But one supreme leader at a time, please. Back to Trump.

April 24th 2020

Trump stormed out of a press briefing the next day, on the 24th of April, because Collins refused to swap her front row seat with another reporter, as requested by a White House official.

April 13th 2020

We could have just made a special section just for CNN’s Kaitlin Collins for the amount of jabs she’s taken from the POTUS. A week before being told she was fake news and asked to move to the back of the room, Collins was making headlines for being told to hush up.

More precisely, Trump wasn’t having it with her constant questioning of his overall authority and firmly hit her with the “enough,” like a parent telling their wildin’ child to cool it in the candy store.

Come on, Kaitlin, the man doesn’t even have to answer to governors, he’s not going to answer some nonsensical question undermining his total authority.

April 19th 2020

CNN reporters just couldn’t catch a break these past few months. This time, it was Jeremy Diamond who was told by Trump “you don’t have the brains you were born with.” Straight out like the straight-shooter like he is, just WahPAHH.

This followed Jeremy’s question on the self-congratulatory attitude Trump’s administration has imbibed despite the number of American lives claimed by the coronavirus pandemic.

And there you have it. Those are the top five times that the President of the United States of America has slammed, ripped and used to demoralize journalists and media practitioners in recent times. As the current outbreak continues to be a pandemic, we are sure there will be many more of these interactions to come. Or have the reporters had enough of being ridiculed by the POTUS? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.