It’s National Wine Day, which means we have another reason to drink wine!

That’s right, my fellow wine lovers—just when you thought every day was wine day, turns out there’s only one special day properly dedicated to celebrating it’s existence. Don’t worry, I’m still going to celebrate every day too. No judgement.

Now you’re like, what’s something special I could do today to celebrate thats different than the rest of the year? You could try a new Frozé recipe or maybe pop the cork to a fresh bottle, but you could also do something totally out of the box. Pun intended.

You know those monthly subscription boxes of literally anything and everything? Well, they have those for wine. It’s 2020, did you really expect them not to?

If you’re ready to take your celebrations to the next level in the name of Wine Day, check out these awesome wine subscription boxes you can try:


Take Winc Palate Profile Quiz

Probably the most popular of wine subscription boxes, Winc chooses 3 bottles for you based on what your taste preferences are for just $39 USD per month. After you have each bottle, you can rate how you felt about them so that each month they can get it just a little more right. It may be more than you pay at your local shop, but this wine is ~fancier~.

Wine of the Month Club

Wine of the Month Club

The ultimate OG of wine subscription boxes is the Wine of the Month Club. With hundreds of themed boxes and options to choose from, Wine of the Month maintains a promise of ‘never making you pay for a wine you don’t like,’ which makes it easy if you can’t always choose your own blend. For $39 a month USD, how can you beat service like that?

Blue Apron Wines

You may have heard of their meal subscription boxes, and if so you already know they’re a name you can trust. They launched this idea with their own food in mind, as each bottle includes notes, pairing tips, and a little story behind each wine. It’s slightly pricer at $66 USD per month, but for six bottles instead of three. And for a little bit of knowledge, too.

Bright Cellars

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Similar to Winc, Bright Cellars asks an array of questions to figure out what taste will suit you best: sweet or savory, red vs. white, etc. For only four bottles, it’s the priciest of the bunch at $80 USD per month—but on your first box, they’re offering 50% off. Even if you just try it once, it’s worth the money!


If you’re worried about committing to a subscription box because of bottles breaking en route, this is the box for you. After you’ve taken a quiz to see which taste suits you best, three of their chosen blends are sent to you in a can—that’s right, a can—for $37 USD per month. They’re totally Instagrammable, and last for more than just one glass each so you can share. Or have a second, third, and fourth glass, whatever works.