In a sense, social distancing on Independence Day kind of makes sense…

This year, our 4th of July celebrations will have to be a little different, and definitely less crowded. But no pandemic has to stop us from having a fun Independence Day fun this weekend! As we pause the big parades, firework shows, and parties with a crowd, we say hello to new ways to have a fun Fourth. Here are a few that will guarantee a weekend to remember.

Get creative with DIY decorations

Spending the Fourth at home doesn’t mean you can’t be festive. This is the perfect time to put your hands to work and to get your creativity flowing. You can plan a delicious dinner and make your own tablecloths, napkin holders, garlands and so much more—without spending half of your paycheck (or assistance check).

Maybe craft some elegant centerpieces with red, white and blue flowers, or decorate your front door with a handmade patriotic wreath. This is also a fun activity to do with family or whoever you’re spending the day with, it’ll bring you closer together! Get some inspiration.

Find some alternatives to fireworks

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Most firework displays across the country had to be cancelled due to health restrictions. But there are many alternatives to keep the festive spirit going. Child-friendly sparklers, for instance, are always a hit—and they’re great for pictures too! Confetti poppers, glow sticks, and bubbles can also add a fun touch to your celebration. You can also check if your city is offering alternatives to fireworks, such as LED lighting displays or other safe options.

Plan outdoor activities

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Fortunately, many parks are still open for us to enjoy. Planning a hike, a family bike ride, or even a frisbee game (extra points because it actually involves social distancing) are only a few ideas of exciting things you can do outside. Enjoy the weather, breathe some fresh air, and have fun!

Be a responsible host

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If you’re having people over to celebrate, remember to be safe in every way possible. Try to limit the number of guests you’re having over and ask them to bring their masks, sanitizer, or even their own plates and cups. Celebrate outside,since the risk of transmission is lower, and it makes it easier for people to keep a safe distance.

Planning ahead is key: avoid shared items (personal snack plates are a good idea, for example), provide enough sanitizer for everyone to use regularly, and allow your guests to sit at a safe distance from one another.


Lockdown is no excuse to not have a weekend full of fun. Have a safe and happy Fourth, everyone!