This amusement park blunder is almost as bad as our title.

Let us take you to Löffingen, a small town in the south of Germany. According to TripAdvisor, the best things to do around town are generally calm outdoor activities, such as site seeing. If you fancy a little more thrill, excitement, and controversy in your life, you could visit Tatzmania.

The German amusement park has recently come under fire for a new ride, dubbed Flying Eagle, they installed this summer. According to some visitors, and subsequent video viewers, the new ride closely resembles an infamous Nazi symbol, the swastika.

Park operator Rüdiger Braun spoke to SWR, a German media company, about what we hope is just an oversight by the ride engineers, purchasing agent, installation crew, and anyone else who would have been involved with the design, purchase, and operation of the ride. According to Braun, he did not realize and “apologizes to anyone who feels disturbed or offended by our design.”

That’s all fine and dandy, but what has us feeling disturbed is the fact that no one happened to notice the quite obvious resemblance for more than a month. We would assume that the amusement park would test a ride before letting people ride it. So during this testing, where was everyone looking?

Either you have a bunch of incognito neo-Nazi’s subliminally bombarding unsuspecting civilians with far-right propaganda, or a bunch of incompetent imbeciles who haphazardly put a ride together and opened it up to the public.

We like the former. Our Sleuthy Sloths weren’t buying that a German park ‘coincidentally’ incorporated a Nazi-esque attraction either. Upon further investigation, our senior Sleuth Sloth uncovered more hidden propaganda unsuspectingly infiltrating innocent minds.

Tatzmania Park Plan from

The ride in question, Eagle Fly, is denoted by the red number 8 marker. Look closer, at the eagle head, near the top-center of the map. Notice anything ominous?

That’s right! The insignia for the Schutzstaffel, better known as the SS. This all but confirms our suspicions. We hate to say it but, Nazi confirmed.