Can TikTok save the day? Do people still use snail mail? So many unanswered questions!

With faster and newer mailing alternatives, the United States Postal Service has been losing money for years. In June, Louis Dejoy became the new postmaster general, and Trump gave him the task of trying to make the USPS more profitable. 

He created a plan to do so, which included removing many high-speed mail sorting machines, cutting back on overtime for mail carriers, and even removing some street mailboxes. The result? Chaos. 

Mail all over the country has been taking much longer to arrive at its destination, and the problem is bigger than one could think. The USPS not only delivers letters, but also paychecks, rent payments, and even prescriptions. Small businesses that rely on the USPS for shipping have also been affected by these changes.

Another issue that has thousands of Americans worried and furious is: will their mail-in ballots arrive on time? Mail voting has become more popular, and more necessary, due to the current pandemic. Some states have seen a demand for mail voting increase five times or more during the primaries. 

Last week, the postal service warned the majority of states and Washington, DC, that mail-in ballots may not be received in time to be counted (). Logically, everyone is worried about whether their ballot will arrive on time to make their vote count. This can only equal catastrophe in what was already going to be a historic election.

What did President Trump have to say about this? During an interview for Fox News, Trump admitted he opposes part of the proposed emergency funding for the USPS because he his personal belief is that mail-in ballots lead to electoral fraud, which can favor Democrats.

Without any evidence, he continued to say days later that “universal mail-in voting is going to be catastrophic” and would “make our country a laughingstock all over the world.”

What is evident, though, is that without the USPS, millions of Americans would struggle daily. Who will deliver their prescriptions? How will they send rent payments? How will small businesses survive while having to pay double or triple for shipping? Citizens are desperate to find a solution to save the agency that has been working for over two-hundred years, especially Millennials and Gen Z-ers.

We only need to take a look a TikTok to see what they’re up to now that the USPS is in danger. A joke was started about sexualizing the agency in order to save it from potential defunding, but the joke turned into a real plan pretty quickly. 

A girl with the username @sietesays, for example, turned the famous tweet into a real thing. After reading it, she purchased a bag from the USPS online store and then proceeded to dance to Cardi B’s “WAP” on top of a USPS mailbox. If you think this ended at some likes and funny reactions, you’re wrong.

After the TikTok went viral, the same bag she was wearing sold out within a day. She also took her 15-seconds of fame to highlight more run-of-the-mill ways to get involved, without having to break it down on top of your neighborhood mailbox.


Gen Z, Millenials, & woke Gen X: Time to show up. It only takes 30 seconds to make a difference. ##SaveUSPS ##ForYou ##FYP ##2020election ##activism

♬ original sound – sietesays

After that, all we can do for now is wait and see what Congress decides. The only thing we know for sure is that an agency on which millions of people rely on for life-or-death matters cannot be left to die.