It’s gotten to the point in this pandemic where people are willing to endure the worst part of travelling for the sake of it.

We all miss the excitement of an upcoming holiday. Hours upon hours spent packing, planning, and booking everything to make your trip perfect. Part of the enjoyment, though being an uncomfortable pain, comes from the flight itself. Picking out a film to watch or listening to your perfectly tailored playlist, knowing that at the end of the journey you’ll arrive at your highly anticipated destination makes the flight a bitter sweet ride. Unfortunately, since most of the world is still closed off to travel, a lot of us won’t know this feeling anytime soon.

That doesn’t mean airlines aren’t finding ways to get you to fly for the fun of it, though. Just don’t plan on going anywhere.

Australian airline Qantas has announced a new flight they’ve added to their schedule that goes in one big loop. It takes off from Sydney and flying to Northern Territory and New South Wales, the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Kata Tjuta, and Byron Bay before heading back to Sydney.

The flight is a whopping seven hours long—a bit long to be going nowhere—and will set you back about $3,787 AUD, or about $2,767 USD. Oh, and don’t get too excited, because all 134 available tickets have already sold out.

Wait, what? Who is insane enough to spend that much on what seems to be a 7-hour round trip of Australia?

So it’s not totally random—there are some perks. As they fly over each area of the country, they’ll be doing low level fly-bys that will give passengers ‘optimal views of iconic Australian landmarks,’ acting like a 7 hour, incredibly expensive tour of the country.

You know people have cabin fever when they drop a casual couple thousand on a destionationless flight.

Reviews on their announcement are mixed, with many people being angry about how bad it is for the environment, with another person responding ‘just spend some time on Google Earth, it’s far less environmentally damaging.

You’re not wrong, Trevor.

Alexa, add this to the list of most unnecessary things to happen in 2020.