A historical debate for all the wrong reasons.

The much-awaited presidential debate between Biden and Trump finally happened. Nobody really knew what to expect but one thing is for sure, all eyes were on the screens to watch this debate between the two. Sometimes it really feels like people cannot agree on anything. The debate was just that – a wonderful disaster made up of two people who clearly could not stand each other. This particular debate may have just earned a spot at the top as the worst presidential debate of all time.

The debate was a 90-minute commercial-free cross talk that may have offered some good entertainment for anyone who is not much into politics. From the occasional debating, constant yelling and interruptions, one would have thought they were watching a drama series rather than a debate between two possible Presidents of the United States. Long story short, there was a lot of melt down going on.

Just in case you missed this grand debate, Chris Wallace (the moderator of the day) started the debate by asking Trump about his nomination of Amy Cohen Barret for Supreme Court Justice. Less than 10 minutes in, Biden added a little quip while Trump was speaking and let’s just say civility and structure came to a dead end at that point. The two just kept interrupting each other constantly for the rest of the debate. Heartfelt sympathies go out to whoever was responsible for typing out each word that was spoken (or yelled out) in that not so calm discussion.

While Trump literally bullied Biden by talking over him and over the moderator, Biden took up any chance he got to challenge any misstatement that he made. None of them would go down without a fight (a battle of lung capacity, in this case). You’d think that being graceful and composed in such a setting would be a priority but not on this debate.

At one point, an obviously frustrated Biden exclaimed, “Will you shut up, man?” and at another point told Trump to “shush”. A gasp might have been heard in the audience when he directly told Trump that he is the worst president that America has ever had. Trump responded to that in full swing and told Biden that he had done more in 47 months than Biden had done in 47 years. Wow!

Many people were glad to see the debate come to an end. The internet was on fire with memes and tweets about this out of the ordinary presidential debate. I bet everyone will be watching to see how the next debate goes and whether the dramatic levels will be just as high. Here are some of the responses that lit up the internet: