This wasn’t the crack they were expecting when they said they’d be cracking down on corruption.

Sometimes, the corruption of governments is such that it reaches a point where their efforts to cover up their illegal and immoral acts are extremely ridiculous (and embarrassing). This time, we’re talking about the Brazilian government. 

President Jair Bolsonaro and his cabinet have been trying way too hard to dismiss allegations of his government being corrupt, stating that he’s an honest president and that all of his decisions have been made thinking of the well-being of Brazilians. Needless to say, no one’s buying it. After all, it’s clear to see that the anti-corruption flag that Bolsonaro waves is made up of lies.

It’s embarrassing, nearly as embarrassing as what happened on Wednesday. The Brazilian president’s deputy leader in the senate, Chico Rodrigues, was caught with a bunch of banknotes stacked… between his butt cheeks. 

We wish we were lying, but we’re committed to bringing you the truth, even if it cracks us up. Here’s what happened. The police searched Rodrigues’ home in Roraima’s capital, Boa Vista. This was part of an operation against the suspected misappropriation of public funds which were meant to be used to fight COVID-19. The police were probably expecting to find some weird stuff, but probably not THIS weird.

According to the Estado de São Paulo, 30,000 reais (over 5,000 USD) were hidden in Rodrigues’ underwear. It was Revista Crusoé who broke the story. To give you a sense of just how preposterous the situation was, some of the recovered notes were stained with feces,” they stated. Now that’s just preposteriorous.

Of course, a story like this was not going to go unnoticed on social media. The embarrassing news was shared under the hashtag #PropinaNaBunda, which translates to ‘a bribe up the butt’. Comments, tweets, and memes were posted by the thousands. Some are pretty… explicit, so we’re not gonna share them here. 

What did Rodrigues have to say about this? Well, nothing immediately. But he did say all of this was an attempt of his rivals trying to stain his name. “I have a clean background and a respectable life. I’ve never been involved in any kind of scandal”, he insisted.

The president has also tried to deny these supposed ‘rumors’, but no one would have this amount of creativity to make something like this up. We’ll have to see how this develops, but honestly, it seems like Bolsonaro’s government just got stuck in a crack.