Power move or just Trudeau being Trudeau?

News outlets around the globe were quick to report the going-ons of the G7 Summit held in France. $22 million in emergency funding for the Amazon was rejected by Brazils President Jair Bolsonaro, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif made a surprise visit, Japan and the United States announced a “tremendous deal“, and the First Lady of the United States fell in love with Prime Minister Trudeau.

Wait, what? Yes. And no. Not really. You be the judge.

First Lady Melania Trump was snapped looking at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, rather fondly. The incident occurred during a group photo op with all of the dignitaries and their significant others who attended the Summit. French President Emmanuel Macron was one of the said dignitaries in attendance. He could also be seen in the picture, with a discrete excitement upon his face. Like when you help your friend sneak out of class by distracting the teacher. Who knew the tensions between Trump and Macron were so deeply rooted.

Unfortunately for Trump, it seems Macron is not his only adversary anymore. While it is Melania gazing admiringly at Trudeau, it can’t be said that he had no hand in what has transpired. Earlier in the day, Trudeau met Trump for their one-on-one meeting. Cunningly, Trudeau crossed his legs to reveal his fashionable pink argyle patterned socks.

Is this the moment Melania realized her husband just isn’t as with it as he once was? Did she now realize she craved a younger, more liberal man? Maybe it was the long talk she had with her daughter, Ivanka Trump, that finally boiled over. We already know Ivanka had the hots for Trudeau.

OR it was just a very fortunately timed photograph taken while Trudeau and Melania exchanged cheek-kisses, similar to how all dignitaries meet significant others? From the looks of the video taken at the very same photo op, we’d elect to go with fortunately timed photograph. That’s right, we aren’t fake news!