You can’t cross the line if you keep drawing it further.

Trump is the President who keeps on giving. In just two years, he has presented us with a mind-numbing barrage of scandals and controversies that rival nonother before him. Even before his presidency, Trump was no stranger to pushing the limits of what he could get away with.

But even for a man steeped in the art of misconduct, there has to be a threshold, a borderline, that defines what is playing on the edge and what is clearly jumping off it. Apparently not.

To understand what mindnumbing antics he’s gotten up to recently, we need to revisit a recent hurricane by the name of Dorian, and its epic path of destruction.

Hurricane Dorian was a Category 5 major hurricane that reached sustained wind speeds of 185 mph, creating devastating damage. The hurricane formed in the Atlantic Ocean as a tropical depression on the 24th of August and steadily grew stronger, eventually developing into a Category 5 on September 1st.

Making landfall, the immense storm completely battered the Bahamas and continued its path of destruction towards the United States and eventually Canada. Fortunately, it weakened as it approached the U.S coast and the States were not hit as hard as initially expected.

Some states, such as sweet home Alabama, were exceptionally fortunate to have gone unscathed by the hurricane, altogether. After all, initial forecasts had the country state smack dab in the path of the horrendous storm.

Forward to the 20-second mark for the highly accurate forecast from the POTUS.

If you were paying even the slightest bit of attention, you may have noticed a very interesting feature about the map presented by the President. A peculiar addition, seemingly by means of a black marker, oddly extends the official forecasted path of the hurricane right into Alabama.

Why was this artistic addition necessary if the hurricane was always forecasted to hit Alabama? Because, apparently, the hurricane was never forecasted to hit Alabama.

Unfortunately for the POTUS, he’d already gone around telling everyone that Alabama would be hit.

So what does any self-respecting man with integrity do when he makes a mistake? Correct, they take any means necessary to cover up their blunder, even if it means creating an even bigger blooper. A blooper so big, it is considered a federal offense.

While debate ensues over the altered forecast, and Trump inevitably blaming fake news, there’s only one thing the American people have left to do. Memes.

The hashtag #SharpieGate quickly started to trend on Twitter, with users posting their own ‘unaltered’ images. You could almost say it was an outpouring of support for Trump. My how the country has embraced its leader. Below you’ll find 15 of the best examples of how Fake News has blinded you from the truth.

1. Alabama isn't the hurricane capital of the world for no reason.

2. Only the most elite can work with the most elite.

3. Nuff said.

4. Time to visit some of Trumps casinos...

5. He's rich. Bruce Wayne is rich. Batman confirmed.

6. Fake News would have told you the US lost.

7. True love.

8. Diplomacy at it's finest.

9. Take off your Fake News glasses and see the TRUTH.

10. All of you homewreckers.

11. And Mexico paid for it all.

12. No comment.

13. Hole in one, every time.

14. Such a massive turnout.

15. He has to do something with all that coal Santa's been giving him.